A new law that took effect in Colorado in the first week of January will require all motorists who are convicted of drinking and driving to install breath-monitoring devices in their cars.

Although this strict policy is new, the devices aren’t. If drivers blow into their detectors and there are traces of alcohol, their cars will not start, and won’t start until they can blow a clean breathalyzer, proving they’re sober.

In addition to having to install

the breathalyzer devices in their cars, offenders will also have to pay a few additional costs. It should be somewhere around $80 to install and another $80 per month to rent. On top of that, there will also be a $30 state fee, per month.

Since the use of these on-board breathalyzers in various states nationwide, DUI deaths have seen a drastic decrease. Illinois by itself has seen a 20% decrease and other states are expected to see the same.

New Colorado Breathalyzer Law

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